Tuesday, May 24, 2011

$5,000 & a years worth of chocolate.

this is the photo.
that won
the years worth of
Endangered Species Chocolate
$5,000 to my favorite 
environmentally focused non-profit.

after much research
and deliberation.
Youth Farms and Market Program
will be the ones
receiving this prize money.

their main goal is to empower kids 
through the process of growing food 
in several urban gardens in
Minneapolis/St. Paul.

they have garden plots in the 
Lyndale, Powderhorn, and 
West Side Neighborhoods.

Youth Farm and Market Program is about
 connecting locally produced food to 
the neighborhood communities from 
which it was grown. 

they are about educating youth,
 living in urban neighborhoods, 
in gardening, nutrition and 
entrepreneurship skills. 

by seeing this young 
and growing generation
 and what 


they have to offer their communities, 
YFMP is empowering young voices to be
 advocates and leaders within their own communities.

and this is why i am excited to see the
money going to support them.

as for the chocolate?
 and the bewildering question
 that has always tormented me:
 “just what exactly does a year’s supply of 
anything look like?!”

well look no further...

coming in six different varieties...
it's hard for a girl to 
know where to begin!

maybe here.

but don't worry.
with an incredibly long shelf life
i have to some time.

until the next chocolate bar,
stay in peace.

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