Tuesday, June 4, 2013

very much alive.

a friend phoned
the other day
and i happened to answer.
{isn't that a pleasant surprise?}.

well it was.

within our opening breaths of 
greeting and salutations
she teased,
"i've been wondering about you,
are you alive?
where have you been??"

to which i promptly replied a, 
"why yes indeed i am.
i am very much alive. 
too sorry
for the distance! 
coffee Sunday??"

as the day trickled by,
the question
with me.

as well as my immediate

yes i am 
so very much 

you see, i've been:

.... ignoring the uncooperative weather
and just camping anyway. 

.... exploring cities 
are that not my own.
{and liking it.
quite a bit.}

.... walking instead of driving,
because sometimes you can 
and it's wonderful.

.... making time to create.

.... and i've been looking up.

so no need to hold my calls.
i'll answer.
i am very much alive.

- n.

1 comment:

  1. I can't wait to hear your very-alive voice very soon. Preferably in person.

    Way to be so alive over there.